About Us

Dominion Energy Plc is an oil and gas exploration company previously quoted on the UK’s PLUS Market (symbol: DOMP).

Historically the company developed early-stage oil projects in the Central Kansas oil province located in Kansas State, USA. In November 2006 it disposed of these assets through the sale of its subsidiary, Dominion Oil USA Corp, in order to focus on projects in North Africa.

Until April 2013 Dominion Energy was exploring for oil and gas primarily in North Africa.  In Tunisia it operated via a wholly-owned subsidiary, First Africa Petroleum Consortium (FAPCO).

Tunisia represents an excellent oil and gas exploration jurisdiction with a secure political and social environment. Tunisia is currently a significant oil and gas producer and many of the world’s major international oil companies are exploring in the country.

FAPCO is currently exploring two advanced projects in Tunisia, Fawar and Mezzouna. Full details are given in the Projects section of this website.