The Fawar Permit

The Fawar permit covers an area of approximately 3,032 km² in Central Tunisia in the Chotts Basin. The eastern limit of the permit is situated 55 km from the Mediterranean coastal town of Gabes and about 300 km southwest of Tunis City.

Encouragingly, from the hydrocarbons exploration point of view, the Permit is surrounded by several proven and producing fields, for example El Franig & Sabria to the south west (1750 bblsd & 8 mmcfd & 1000 bblsd respectively), Baguel in the south (2.2 mmcfd) and Elbibane, Ezzaoui & Robbana in the east with 1100, 1000 & 550 bblsd respectively.

In the east of the Fawar permit itself two wildcat wells (CF-1 and CF-2) were drilled in 1950’s by SEREPT and small gas inflows were reported from the wells at the Jurassic and Cretaceous levels. The LMG-1 well drilled by MOL in 1994, also inside the permit, was tested oil bearing in the Jurassic Upper Nara formation.

Two hydrocarbon related plants are situated to the southeast and east of the permit. In addition, the oil and gas pipelines from El Franig and Sabria fields pass by the Fawar permit at about 10-15 kilometres distance.

Dominion Energy was scheduled to drill its first exploration wells in the permit in the third quarter of 2012.

Tunisia Petroleum Infrastructure

Tunisia Petroleum Infrastructure

The Fawar permit encompasses multiple play types and presents the opportunity to discover both oil and gas in close proximity to already producing fields in proven petroleum systems.

Permit details:

  • Area: 3032 sq. Km
  • Drilled Wells: LMG-1(Tested Oil in Upper Nara Fm.) and LMG-2 (Oil show in Upper Nara Fm)
  • Potential Reservoirs: Jurassic Upper Nara Fm, Triassic TAG I Fm. and Devonian Sandstone
  • Source Rocks: Jurassic Middle Nara Fm. and Silurian Tanezzuft shale
  • Seals: Jurassic Lower Nara Fm., Cretaceous Sidikhalif shale
  • Play Concepts: Fault associated closures, Combination structural and stratigraphic traps (Reefal build up)
  • Acquired Legacy Seismic: 2,940 km 2D
  • Quality of Acquired Seismic: Fair to Good
  • Recently Acquired/operated Seismic: ~230 sq km 3D and 103 km 2D
  • Quality of Recently Acquired Seismic: Excellent
  • Production Facilities: Two current hydrocarbon plants lie to the southeast and east of the permit. Oil and gas pipelines run from the EL FRANIG and SABRIA fields, 10-15 kilometres south and east of the permit respectively.
  • Contract term: Since October 2005, Exploration Period: 5 years, extendable to two further 3-year periods, Production sharing contract.

Regional Seismic lines through the Fawar permit comprise:

Leads and prospects of Fawar Permit

Leads and prospects of Fawar permit (depth map of Nara Fm. as target horizon).

2D seismic coverage of the Fawar Permit

2D seismic coverage of the Fawar permit.

An inverted seismic section across Fawar Permit

An inverted seismic section across the Fawar permit.

Company estimates of the potential oil in place of the Jurassic prospects and depths identified in the Fawar permit:

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Seismic acquisition on the Fawar permit