The Mezzouna Permit

The Mezzouna Permit is located in Central Tunisia with an area of 4,508 sq. km. Four exploration wells have been drilled in the Mezzona permit since 1974. The permit encompasses multiple play types and presents the opportunity to discover both oil and gas in close proximity to already producing fields in proven petroleum systems. The region has significant development of oil and gas infrastructures.

The Mezzouna Permit was scheduled to be drilled in the last quarter of 2012.

Permit details:

  • Area: 4,508 sq km
  • Drilled Wells: SMS-1(oil and Gas show), MAN-1, MEZ-1 (Gas show) and KAR-1
  • Potential Reservoirs: Jurassic Upper Nara Fm
  • Source Rocks: Jurassic Middle Nara Fm
  • Seals: Sidi Khalif Fm
  • Play Concepts: Fault associated closures, Stratigraphic traps, and possible combined structural-stratigraphic traps
  • Quality of Seismic Lines: Fair to excellent
  • Recently acquired/developed seismic data: 200 km 2D, to the South east of the permit
  • Quality of Seismic: Excellent
  • Production Facilities: Oil production facilities established to the south-east of the permit
  • Contract term: Since October 2005, Exploration Period: 5 years, Extendable for two ¬†3-year periods. ¬†Production sharing.

The Mezzouna permit is focussed on the middle Jurassic play.

2D seismic coverage of Mezzouna Permit.

Outcroups of Serdj & Melousi Formations in NW of Mezzouna Permit.

Outcrop of Zebag Fm. in central part of Mezzouna Permit (NS axis).

Triassic strata in NW of Mezzouna Town.

Outcrops of Abiod formation in north of Mezzouna Permit as potential reservoir in east of the Permit.